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Black Sand Seashores

The orthography has been less stable at first, with the name being transcribed Diogo Rodríguez , Diego Roiz, Diego Ruys (or even Diego Ruy’s Island), Dygarroys or Bygarroys. The island (along with Agaléga and Saint Brandon) types …

Lamu Island 2021

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The secluded islands were uninhabited when Portuguese mariners chanced upon them in the 1540s, however shortly advanced into the front line of world exploration. Once a vastly necessary gateway used by explorers en route to “discover” the Americas, the Cape …

Love Island

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Surrounded by nothing however white sandy seashores, glowing Indian Ocean water and the only neighbour being one other island since this is part of an archipelago, Lamu commands peace, quite and privateness. The ‘island life’ has been romanticized by blockbuster …